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Old January 29th 08, 06:21 PM posted to rec.video.satellite.tvro
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Default Pssstt

ut oh f2a wont let me post keys the next set I mean

You have been banned for the following reason:
READ the rules!!! Post keys again and you won't be around here

Date the ban will be lifted: 02-03-2008, 06:00 AM

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Do you know why there are soo many rules that apply to posting at
pirate sites?

Well let me be the first to enlighten you!! It is said that false
imformation could lead its viewers astray,or that it is illegal to
post imformation that can be used for piracy on certain servers! That
there site could be shut down for such violations!!

Well this is not true at all!

Most countrys do have freedom of press and anything posted on any site
is legal,even if it is of vulgar content it can only be edited not

The number 1 reason for having moderators for forums is to be
assured that its members are headed on their intended path to the
"slaughter house"!

For instance files to be placed on your box, to enable it to be
modified to decrypt scrambled sat tv ,are usualy kept in a designated
area! The reason for this is so that site can verify the IP of the
downloader! Just like kaaazaa did for the music industry!!

If a certain person downloads such privy onto a site that can be used
by its members to avoid being traced by their IP and documented as a
potentual pirate! A moderator jumps in and does his thing like
deleting the free imfomation and scolding that poster or even banning
him, as that violates their intent!

Posting keys for instance gives a reader the ability to copy such
privy without being traced by their IP! Everyone that visits a
certain site or download area to gain such private files, are
automatically indentified by their tracking cookies!

A moderator will argue that it is legal to post files as long as they
have been edited by the site, that too is misleading to its members!
Their job once again is to Identify the person furnishing any post,so
it can be traced easily back to the posters PC.

This is why you must be a registered member to post anywhere anymore!

PMs or even kept as a record of discussion and are read by the
moderater on duty before it is pasted on to its intended foe!!

Not realy a Private Message at all,huh?

The tracking cookie must be enabled before you can download or post
on the pirate sites for this very reason, IP documentation..

Now "CLASP" you ask why the need for such documentation or IP

Well it dates back to DTV piracy and the lack of proof for the use of
a download ,as it could have been for educational purposes! Not any
more if you purchase an FTA/DVB box from any site, you not only leave
a paper trail,you furnish the intent to pirate by buying that box
because it was manufactured so it could be modified by its owner to
decrypt scrambled tv from a pirate site!!!

The files only last a few days anymore because they need an updated
documentation ,so they can prove in court that you are a habitual
offender of paytv piracy..the more times your PC is identified as
downloading a file tells them what box it is for and if you have more
than one unauthorized stb you are maintaining on a constant basis!

There used to be a way to return a corrupted box back to its original
factory shipped condition ,leaving no trace of ever being loaded with
a file to flash it to gain access to encrypted signal! That went out
with the introduction of winrar and the new boot load ! No matter how
many times you try to put it back to factory status its imformation
still show a bin number and boot number used to pirate TV with!

The Federal Government now owns the right to police satelite piracy
as they get a kickback from every ppv sold! Legislation has created
Sat Tax "and most likely "the millions in attendance" will be served
a letter of mass destruction! This time it will make the DTV piracy
letter scam look like a cake walk! Now if your a lucy letter
winner ,you will be treated like a person that committed TAX

PUN INTENDED here for Wesley Snipes, ignorance of the law is no
defense but get ready to settle for pennies on the dollar & instead
of 18 years in the pen, a simple 18 months of house arrest! Them
first meneuver to represent you will be a credit check and personal
worth soo they will know how much you can be had for $$$$$$$$$$$$

You have not connected these dots yet have you??



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