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Default getting error S03 for past week w/TIVO Series 3

If anyone's still here...

About a week ago my TiVo Series 3 began hiccuping
when trying to connect and update the guide.

I'm hooked up through Spectrum (Charter) using
a Cablecard and magic Motorola switcher, which
until last week worked fine.

I'm still getting reception ok, and can switch
between channels with no problem.

However, when TiVo tries to get updates, it
eventually fails.

I watched it and... it went through the various
steps of
Getting info

But then, it either stalled for hours and hours
before "loading info' did anything, or it hung
at something like "53 pct" (number varied
from attempt to attempt.)

I've tried the KS-57 and other options, and
gotten the Blue Screen Of Death for the requisite
time while the TiVo was supposed to "fix" itself.

Also tried the other Kick Start options. Plus,
forgood measure, erased all my ratings.

The Disk Diagnostic says everything's fine.

Any suggestions? Thanks muchly

- the tv listings are ok for another seven or
so days. Don't know what's going to happen
when they run out.

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