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Default Question about DirecTV on Demand

On Thu, 29 Jan 2009 13:16:41 -0800, jack ak wrote:

Charlie Hoffpauir wrote:
I just activated DirecTV on Demand, and have a question about how much
(in MB) download does a typical program take?

for example, say I want to download a 60 min SD program. Anyone know
how many MB that will use? How about 60 min of HD?

I need to know because my broadband is Hughesnet, and I'm limited to
375 MB over a 24 hour period (except for the FAP free hours ) so if
the download amount is excessive, I'll have to figure out how to do
this during FAP-free time.

I doubt that DirecTV on Demand will use your broadband connection.
You must have a satellite dish for DirecTV.

Your broadband service provider will let you know if you are
exceeding their "fair use" policy.

Actually, I have confirmed that I can use DirecTV on Demand with my
Hughesnet connection (and of course I have a satellite dish for
DirecTV, and a separate one for Hughesnet), that's not the issue. Nor
is the fact that HN will inform me if I exceed FAP. The point is, that
I want to NOT exceed FAP. As you know if you're familiar with HN, once
FAP is exceeded, you're essentially locked out of broadband use for 24
hours. I've done that several times by mistake and I'm trying to avoid
that again.

Charlie Hoffpauir