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Default Vizio TruVolume working backwards!!??

On Sat, 30 Jan 2010 15:35:14 -0600, wrote:

"LightByrd" wrote:

I have a Sony XBR CRT with the same feature.
Doesn't seem to do much!
Don't understand, since all it involves is a compressor/limiter, which has
been used in audio since the vacuum tube days

When I turn it OFF... it actually is less of a pain....
of course TV ads blast the sound up tho.

Id like to *keep* the TV..... but just want to make
sure this is not a "defect"

Whether or not it's a defect, why would you want to keep something
which irritates you? CostCo, in addition to having a good consumer
return policy also has "tech support."
Have you communicated with them?