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Default Pioneer VSA-E06 just died, advice?

Am Samstag, 18. Mai 2002 20:34:39 UTC+2 schrieb Julie Sinar:
I've had a Pioneer VSA-E06 amp for a few years now and I've been very
happy with it. For the first time today I have had a problem with it.
While watching a DVD it just died. No sound comes out of it all, and
also the frount input knob does not work, though it will change inputs
via the remote controll.
I've checked out Google and there seems to have been other people
who've had problems with the power supply.
Can anyone comment whether this sounds like it could be the same
thing, and also if anyone's had one repaired how much it costed them.
Thanks in advance,

A little late, this is more for anyone else having the same issues, OP probably doesnt have the amp anymore.
I had the same problem and fixed it by replacing 2 Fuses that look like resistors and are on the middle regulator board (Its the stack of boards screwed to a heatsink next to the speaker connections).
You can look at the service manual to find the 2 fuses.