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On Sun, 21 Aug 2005 03:28:18 -0700, BernardBernard wrote:

I have just bought the infocus 7205 , but there are plenty of projectors
out there , that fit the bill.
You may wish to look at the themescene / optioma ? projectors.
Your room size is about the same as mine, so you need to take into
accoaccount screen size and brightness of the image , and when you expect
to watch this , i.e nighttime and cinema conditions or in the day.
Also projectors are coming down in price at a great rate, look on for daily up dates of new equipment etc.



Please throw some light on the follwoing

I intend to buy a widescreen projector and have not, so far, been able
to see TV signals being projected when I had the demonstrations. In
addition to films,I would like to watch cricket, football, basket ball
....sports in general using that.

I have seen Screenplay 5700 - seems good for DVDs. Please advise whether
there are any other projectors with good contrast ratios, brightness,
resolution etc. The room I am going to use is 22' length and 11' width.
By the way what is throw ratio?

Look forward to your advice.
Thank you