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On 06/10/2018 13:30, Ian Jackson wrote:

The NHS had been founded roughly at the time of my conception. Whether
this was part of my dad’s forward planning I don’t know, but if so the
scheme went awry: because of my mother’s blood pressure I was not a
National Health baby; I was born privately at a cost of 48 guineas,
something which in my later years must have given dad pause for thought.


You mean you were an only child?

No, they were late starting because of the war. To quote again:

During the Second World War many commodities were rationed, and it
sometimes seemed as if all the nice things in life were withheld. Tasty
items like bananas and chocolate were extremely scarce. For the
servicemen abroad there was one particular comfort that could be very
hard to come by. It was something that those of stern morality could
only get at home, and thus it was that the mass demobilisations of the
mid-forties were followed by several years of compensatory catching up.
Family life had been postponed, but now was the time to get back on
track. Our brave British boys faced the challenge as they had faced all
the challenges that had come before. They stood proudly to attention and
then they got stuck in. One result was me.

After me the NHS settled down a bit and Dad decided to risk it again in
1953. That child died at birth but success came (and at no cost) in 1956
with the birth of my sister. She was a lovely child and dad used to say
that she was almost enough to compensate him for me.