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On Saturday, 6 October 2018 10:57:53 UTC+1, wrote:
On 06/10/2018 10:02, Roderick Stewart wrote:

We all see the timewasters in the surgery and in hospital. They're easy
to spot.

True, they exist, but they're not everybody who is over 60, and I hope
they don't ever include me. I don't like it when people waste my time
so I try not to waste anyone else's.

I was thinking more of younger people when I said timewasters. I don't
think many old people go to the doctors unless they have to.

The NHS was founded the same year I was born. I hope it doesn't die
with me too. It's one of the finest things we have.

I agree. An extract from my autobiography:

The NHS had been founded roughly at the time of my conception. Whether
this was part of my dad’s forward planning I don’t know, but if so the
scheme went awry: because of my mother’s blood pressure I was not a
National Health baby; I was born privately at a cost of 48 guineas,
something which in my later years must have given dad pause for thought.


Nearly two grand at current prices - more than a funeral!