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Default expetive deleted TiVo...

danny burstein writes:
Eyup, I've been using a Series 3. It's only 7 or so years old...
Good thing I didn't install that larger hard drive I was
eyeing last mongh...
Might be time to swap the unit for a Roamio.

I know the desire to treat these things as ever lasting, like my 15
year-old-TV that works great, it just doesn't have any digital inputs,
but these computer based things really only have lifetimes of 3 to 5
years max, and anything after that has to be really treated as gravy
on the replacement train.

If you had a 7-year old computer, it would be considered on its last legs..
(ie. Core2 Duo. 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, GeForce 8800 was a
"midrange" 2008 desktop system).

I tried to stretch my Series 2 to keep working, but when it gave up
the ghost, I found a great upgrade offer on the Roamio, and haven't
looked back.

I do wish that TiVo realized there is a market for OTA/cord cutters
more, since only the Roamio OTA (can't buy lifetime on it), or the
smallest Roamio (500GB and no Stream) can do OTA. Thankfully you
can buy bigger hard drives and (now that they are back in stock) TiVo
Stream boxes.

Doug McIntyre