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On Fri, 29 Jul 2016 11:16:08 +0000 (UTC), Bruce Esquibel


Can someone tell me if there's a newsgroup for Windows 8 anymore?
I can't seem
to find one. Alternatively, can someone tell me how to check and
see if my
USB3.0 ports are properly configured and are actually working as
3.0? I have two
Western Digital external hard drives plugged in to what should be
3.0 ports on
my motherboard but transfer rates are dismal. Thanks.

There seems to be an active group (sort of) called...

But you might want to explain "dismal". There are many external
drives out
there that promise speeds that you'll never see. Generally anything
north of
like 80MB/sec is acceptable. So if a 4.2GB iso of a dvd copies in
around a
minute, you are in the right ballpark at least.

Plus USB is still serial, if you are copying from one external to
external, it's going to be around twice as long as going from an
internal to
an external.

Yes I know, there are 1,000,001 exceptions to everyones performance
but my
numbers aren't that far off with average daily use.


Thanks. I'm ripping DVD's to .mp4 files and transferring them to the
drives which I hook up to my TV so all my movies are on the drive
instead of
having to use the disks and DVD player. All is working as planned
except when I
go to transfer from my desktop to the external drives. When I go to
move a file,
it starts off at around 400-500 MB/s for a moment, then drops all
the way down
to around 40MB/s. The external drives are WD My Books 4Tb drives,
and rated at
USB 3.0. The cables are rated at USB 3.0 and my desktop is only a
year old,
custom built, and all the USB ports, both on the MB, which is where
the external
drives are plugged in, and also a PCI card with four USB ports, are
all rated at
USB 3.0. In fact, the MB has two ports rated at and ready for USB
3.1. So I
don't know why the transfer speed is so low. At least I think it's

Run a read speed test on the drive with HDDScan or such. When I do the
speed steps down considerably as the head nears the inside tracks.

HDTune doesn't handle multi-Terabyte external drives well, and it may
change Power Option settings.