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Default bug: odd crashing of directv unit

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wkearney99 wrote:
Now, wait until the program ends and then bring up the list again by hitting
the Left Arrow on the remote. Use the left arrow again to back up one
level. BLAMMO, the Tivo will reboot.

I suggest calling up Tivo and/or DirecTV and telling them these steps.

TiVo doesn't provide phone support for DirecTV DVRs.
Here is the standard problem recovery procedure from DirecTV...

1. Leave the receiver box on.
2. Unplug the receiver from the electrical outlet. (If your receiverís light is still on, you have pulled the wrong plug.)
3. Leave receiver unplugged for 15 seconds.
4. Reconnect it to the electrical outlet and return to normal viewing.

.... end of procedure.