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Default HDMI via AV Receiver

On Sat, 02 Jan 2010 18:03:00 GMT, smb wrote:

I had meant digital surround, and had also forgotten about the older
systems. Sorry. But now that you mention it, I recall a discussion on
another forum about how the reducing bit rates of digital TV transmittions
are starting to cause problems for these older surround sound signals.
Do you find that they still survive sufficiently intact to provide a good
surround sound?

I can't really comment on this point, because I use Freeview for
little more than the BBC News. It's not really a relevant concern in
that context. (I generally prefer Freesat for the little broadcast
material that I watch. I find that the picture's better.)

Is it worth me ensuring that my AV receiver also does the
older Dolby Surround?

Yes. Whether or not it's relevant for broadcast TV, it's likely to be
useful for some DVDs. Not all of these have DD or DTS soundtracks.
Some (especially boxed sets of TV series) have only stereo soundtracks
with surround information matrixed in.