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Default Is Tivo still in business??

SAC 441 wrote:
With respect to the *OLD* TI/99-4A home computer:
LOLOL.......Amazing! I stand 'somewhat' corrected.It IS obsolete,but I
did not think you still could get parts for it.I was wrong! Wow...
*I* have not been able to locate any sources for mine other than E-Bay
(there,you generally have to buy the whole kit'n'kaboodle).
Mind you,I am talking about the ORIGINAL system,NOT the *******ized
GENEVE upgrade that occurred sometime in the early 80's.

Yes, I'm talking about the original, although the new products would
work with the Geneve (when access in GPL mode or if someone adds the
code to the OS)

Most of these products are from the group I gave the link to earlier.
The IDE project was designed by a member of that group, and finally the
group went out and did the project as a group just this year. The USB
project pre-dated the IDE project, but doesn't appear to be getting
anywhere. The SCSI project started many years ago.

The compact-flash stuff was done by an outsider, and it precluded the
use of an expansion system. Other members determined the IDE interface
could be used with compact flash drives.

And we aren't alone. The C64 community can get on the internet with
Contiki, which has web browsing and other facilities. This has been
ported to other machines (but not the TI)...