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Default Tech help required please....

OK - Thanks for your rapid response.

I've had a play with the setting and, yes, changing the delay time on the front speakers has
improved things a little (I didn't realise I could change the fronts - DUH!). It is very difficult
to get it just right and what makes it equally annoying is that when I set it up for one channel (eg
Sky News) it is out of sync by a different degree on another channel.

I've been adjusting the delay time in this way..........With the TV and external speakers sound on,
I've been changing the delay time to get the minimal
'echo' effect. Then, I think, the sound should be pretty close to what the TV is kicking out. But it
is very difficult!!!

***The audio cable I am using - will that make any difference? Should I change it to a standard 'RED
& WHITE RCA'????***


"Dave Plowman (News)" wrote in message ...
Many modern TVs have processing for the video which delays it. They have a
built in delay for the sound to bring it back into sync. Plug any external
box into the TV - both sound and vision - and it will keep them in sync.
Use the TV vision only - with the sound fed to an external amp and
speakers - no sound delay as provided by the set. So they are now out of

Many modern AV amps have a facility to delay the sound too. HDMI input
types will often do this automatically.

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