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Default Tech help required please....

Hello everyone,

I'm sure glad to find a newsgroup dedicated to home cinema as you're just the guys ' n ' gals who
can help me.

Now I have not exactly got what you might call a home cinema but my problem is simple. I have a
Denon AVR1802 which just runs a DVD player, PC sound and the TV (actually non-HD Sky+ Box) The sky
box is connected to the TV using the very old fashioned Scart which obviously gives sound and vision
which we view Sky TV. Sometimes, I want to have some decent sound so the 'audio out' from Sky Box,
is connected to the Denon....(we're getting near to the main problem now so please keep
reading).........Annoyingly, when I try to watch Sky using the scart's video output (TV sound turned
down) and the audio via the Denon.....guess what......the sound and picture are out of sync. Is it
the set up?...the leads? Just for the record, I'm sure the sound is before the picture. I've just
checked the 'AUDIO' setting from within Sky box and it just says 'STEREO' for audio out. There is an
option to use OPTICAL CABLE (which I have got) to give Dolby.

FYI - The audio lead I'm using looks a bit nicer than the average 'red and white RCA' cable. It's
black and has a blue ring around one plug and a red one around the this the correct lead?

To avoid setting up all the amp parameters of the surround sound (ie distance from rears, and
centres etc) I have it just on plain old 'STEREO' setting. This way, on this occasion, it takes any
'delay problems' out of the equation.

Any ideas? Maybe it's actually NOT possible to be in sync - but at least I'll know.

I'm sure that when I first set it up years ago, it was fine. Over the years, I've changed leads,
settings and TV and now it seems this problem is apparent.

Best wishes (see if you can help me get it sorted for Chrimby...)

Kevin (IOWight)


I think I may have answered my own question. Am I using COMPONENT RCA cables as my 'audio out'?
Should I just get a bog standard red&white RCA??