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Default Questions on shopping Circuit City for large HDTV.

I am looking to buy a LCD projection HDTV monitor, probably one of the
new Sony 50" LCD projection sets, KF50WE610. We are in Southern Vt,
but will probably pick up our set in New Hampshire, where there are
the closest Circuit City stores and no sales tax. There is no CC
delivery available to our ZipCode. Circuit City seems to have a
liberal return/exchange policy, so that is a plus.

Question 1. I keep track of prices on the Circuit City web site,
but elsewhere I see that people seem to be able to get big price items
out of Circuit City for less than their advertised prices. Is this
due to price matching, or can you do horse trading with the sales
staff at CC?

Question 2. How big is the box that holds the KF50WE610 and can it
be transported on its side? Our pick up truck has a cap on it, so
there is limited "head room".

Question 3. Is it more advantageous to buy via the web site, or
buy directly at a store?

Any experiences of others will be appreciated.