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Default Edge of Tomorrow - non-existent programme recording clash

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On 10/12/18 00:19, Yellow wrote:
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On 09/12/18 22:12, PeterC wrote:
On Sun, 9 Dec 2018 18:49:49 +0000, Jeff Layman wrote:

I just tried to set up recording of the film "Edge of Tomorrow" on Ch5
at 2100 tonight. My Panasonic PVR reports an overlapping programme
clash, and asked me to resolve it.

But I have only two programmes set to record tonight, and they end
before 2100. When I asked it to show the problem programmes, it showed
two I am recording tomorrow - and both those finish before 2100 too! I
get a similar result trying to record Ch5+1 on 44.

I don't understand what going on here, unless the recording info Ch5 has
created for "Edge of Tomorrow" is incorrect. Any ideas?

Well, judging from the thread on Ch 5 recording both showings of a film,
there is another "Edge of Tomorrow" in a few days' time nad that could be
the clash.
I tried to set a recording for something next Saturday, on a BBC channel,
and it told me that there was a clash with something on 13th. when I tried
for the series (I was going for the second episode, didn't know that it was
a series - and a search didn't show another episode)! I gave up and just
set that one.

Yes, I see it is on Thursday at 2200, but I don't have anything down for
recording then anyway. As it happens, shortly after my OP I deleted one
of the /Monday/ programmes which it supposedly clashed with and tried
again to schedule the recording. This time it went without problem. Go

I find this happens a lot with C5 movies when they are repeated again
later in the week and the PVR (mine is a Humax) ends up set to record
both showings.

I resolve this by editing the entry once set up to dump the split and
the second showing, so I get a single recording of the whole film the
first time it is shown.

I find editing out the spilt is worth doing anyway, as all too often
they seem to cock up the restart and you miss the first half minute or

The Panasonic records both halves seamlessly. It doesn't show a split
(although there must be a jump between end of first part ans start of
second part somewhere!).

That is a very useful feature, but it of course does not help when the
broadcaster puts their start and stop signals in the wrong places unless
it auto-pads too, which of course it might.