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The following story documents the failings of buying a DirecTv System
from Circuit City.

Do yourself a favor....... do not go to Circuit City to buy your
Satellite System. They Lie!

Here in Canada, Circuit City bought the Canadian company that runs/owns
the Radioshack brand name. Because CC bought the company, they no longer
have the right to use the brand name Radioshack... so as of July 1,
2005, all Radioshacks here in Canada will be rebranded and relaunched as

Circuit City to convert 900 Canada stores to 'The Source By Circuit
City' by July 1st

I have provide this info to both DirecTv and Circuit City......Neither
has responded.

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently had a most unpleasant experience with Circuit City. On
Friday, April 15, 2005 I purchased the four room DIRECTV system, with
"free" installation from the store in Merritt Island, Florida and
upgraded one of the receivers to the HD DVR model for an additional
$999.99 for a purchase total of $1,081.14. I stated to Hxxx, the
employee assisting me that I would like to take all four (4) of the
receivers and all equipment with me at the time of the purchase and
install the system myself. Hxxx indicated that he was new to the store
and enlisted the assistance of one his managers, Lxxx to complete the
transaction. Lxxx stated that the store did not keep all of the
materials to install the dish and that a certified technician had all
of the equipment. I then re-stated my intention to install the dish
and receivers, myself. Lxxx stated that this was not a problem and
when the installer brought out the equipment, I could take the
equipment and install it myself. When I completed my transaction, the
order was reviewed with Lxxx to confirm that I had all the necessary
equipment to install the system with the exception of those materials
to be brought to my home at the time of installation. Lxxx stated that
someone would contact me within three days to schedule a time to bring
out all of the materials for the installation. He then stated that he
would personally call the installers and get the equipment brought out
today, if possible.

On April 18, 2005, I received an automated call from Circuit City
inquiring about my intent to set up my new DIRECTV system as I had not
made contact to schedule an installation. I had not been informed
during the purchase that I needed to contact someone to schedule the
installation. It was stated that they would contact me. Upon
contacting Cxxxxx at the toll-free number for installation, I informed
Cxxxxx of my intention to install the equipment myself, and only wanted
the equipment delivered to my home. Cxxxxx believed this may be a
problem, but she would contact her management and pass the information
to the installers.

On April 19, 2005, Circuit City made contact to inform me that the
installer would be making contact within the next three days to
schedule an appointment with me to do the installation. Within 30
minutes of this call, Kxx Rxxxxx of Affordable Installation made
contact to state that he could send someone out on that day to install
the system. He was informed of my intent to install the system myself,
and was asked to simply bring the materials to me. He stated that he
does not have the equipment for installation and that the installer
goes to the store where the system was purchased to obtain the
necessary materials for installation. This was in direct conflict with
Circuit City Manager Lxxx' statements that the store does not have
the material and that the installer would have the equipment. When I
again asked to have the materials brought to my house, Mr. Rxxxxx
stated that both my house and the Circuit City store where the system
was bought is over one hour from his place of business. He stated that
he would not send an installer to the store to pick up the installation
material only to have him drive five miles away to my house to drop it
off. He stated that this was not cost efficient for him. He stated
that if the installer did this, I would be required to pay $160 to the
installer to compensate him and the company for the lost income of not
being able to install the system.

I then contacted DIRECTV to discuss my concerns with the contradiction
of offering free installation and being required to pay the installer
$160 NOT to install the system. I first spoke with Nxx who stated that
he did not believe I was required to have the system installed but
asked to put me on hold in order to look into the situation. He
subsequently disconnected the call. I then attempted a second contact
with DIRECTV and spoke to Kxxx who also indicated a belief that I was
not required to have the system installed but stated that it seemed
someone needed to speak to Circuit City about this difficulty. He
stated he did not have the capacity to make an outgoing call. He
transferred me to Lxxxxx who stated that she believed this issue would
be best served by their billing department. I was transferred to Cxxxx
in billing. She stated that DIRECTV could not mandate how Circuit City
ran their business and that this was a matter to be addressed with
Circuit City directly. She referred me to Circuit City at
1-888-333-2333 where I spoke to Mxxx. He stated that I needed to speak
to a Manager at the store and ask them to "Please authorize delivery
of material" to me instead of the installer. He indicated that I was
not required to have the system installed and this would resolve the
discrepancy. I then contacted the stored directly at 10:25 a.m. and
received an automated recording stating that the store was now closed.
After confirming the store hours through the Circuit City website, I
again called and attempted to get through to a person by dialing 0.
When someone came on the line, I informed them of the message stating
they were closed and she stated it was a "glitch". I asked to
speak with a manager and she inquired about the nature of the call to
direct me to the appropriate manager. When I informed her it pertained
to DIRECTV she stated that the Entertainment Manager was on vacation,
so she directed me to the Operations Manager, Axx. Axx was
subsequently informed of the events to that point and asked to
"Please authorize delivery of material" to me. She initially
stated that she was unable to do this. When reminded of Mxxx's
statements through the Circuit City toll-free number, she stated that
she needed to contact her corporate office and would call me back.
Approximately 40 minutes later, Axx returned the call and stated that
she would not release the material to me because her corporate office
stated that the system had to be installed by a certified installer.
This clearly is a Circuit City policy and not a DIRECTV policy because
DIRECTV stated I could install the system myself. They said, "They
didn't think other retailers, like Best Buy required installation of
the system". To confirm this statement, I called my local Best Buy.
Bxxxx, the Best Buy General Manager stated that he had the dish and
standard receivers in his store with the exception of the mounting
bracket and cables and would release all materials to me upon my
purchase of a DIRECTV system. I seriously contemplated returning my HD
receiver to Circuit City and purchasing the system from Best Buy. But,
Best Buy was sold out of the HD DVR and would require a two week delay
for a new shipment. Reluctantly, I continued my relationship with
Circuit City.

On April 20, 2005 I made contact with Mr. Rxxxxx of Affordable
Installation again and requested an appointment for installation. He
scheduled the appointment for 1 p.m. on April 21, 2005 (six days after
I purchased my system from Circuit City). On April 21, 2005 I received
several calls throughout the late morning from the installer who stated
that he was experiencing a delay with his first installation job of the
day and would not be at my house by 1 p.m. He initially estimated a 2
p.m. arrival then called again to estimate a 4 p.m. arrival.
However, at 5:40 p.m. I received a phone call from Mxxx at the Circuit
City store wishing to review my order. When he reviewed the order, he
stated that I would need a powered switch costing an additional $150 in
order to properly install my system. When I became upset by this, Mxxx
transferred the call to his manager, Lxxx who also reviewed the order
and insisted that I had to purchase the additional powered switch for
$150 to accommodate my HD receiver. Incidentally, this was the only
receiver I left the store with on April 15th following confirmation
with Lxxx that I had all necessary materials for installation. I
refused the switch and was told the installer would arrive to put in
the other portions of the system. The installer arrived at my house at
6:10 p.m. As I had already run the necessary cables, detached my DISH
Network dish from the mounting bracket and prepared all the televisions
for installation, the installer completed the process within one (1)
hour and 15 minutes and left my house at 7:35 p.m. Clearly I was
capable of installing the system myself, as was confirmed by the
installer, who came to my home.

Of note, I have been a faithful Circuit City customer for years and
have spent nearly $10,000 in the store or online in the past five
years. What is most disheartening to me about this experience are the
lies I was told by Lxxx, the manager. He stated I had all of the
necessary materials required for the system at the time of purchase;
Lxxx then spoke to me on the day of installation and insisted that I
purchase an after-market switch for $150 in order for the system to
work properly. I was told I would be contacted by someone within three
days to schedule installation; I was contacted after three days to be
asked why I had not yet scheduled my installation. I was told I could
take the materials from the installer and install the system myself;
the installation company told me that I could not install the system
myself, but if they did deliver the materials to me I would have to pay
them $160 for their lost revenue for not installing the system. The
installer also stated that the required installation policy was due to
the satellite providers' efforts to curb theft of their services.
DIRECTV indicated that they do not require the system be installed by a
certified installer and this appears to be a Circuit City policy. In
addition, when speaking to the toll-free number for Circuit City, they
stated that the store manager simply needed to be asked to "Please
authorize release of the material" to me. This was in contradiction
to the Operations Manager's statements that her corporate office
would not authorize this. When I suggested that I return my HD
receiver and cancel the DIRECTV order, Axx simply stated "that would
be fine". It appears that both Axx and Lxxx had the opportunity to
improve this negative experience by apologizing for the inconvenience
and the misinformation, but neither offered to do so. Unfortunately, I
now find it quite difficult to continue my patronage of Circuit City
based on this most difficult and disheartening experience.