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djenningsii ) wrote in
I stated to Hxxx, the
employee assisting me that I would like to take all four (4) of the
receivers and all equipment with me at the time of the purchase and
install the system myself.

The simple solution to this is to do things the way everyone expects.

Just go though the full install scheduling, and when the installer shows
up, get the equipment, sign off on the "install" as having been done to
your satisfaction, then install it all yourself. The installer gets the
same pay from DirecTV whether they do anything or not.

He stated that
he would not send an installer to the store to pick up the installation
material only to have him drive five miles away to my house to drop it
off. He stated that this was not cost efficient for him. He stated
that if the installer did this, I would be required to pay $160 to the
installer to compensate him and the company for the lost income of not
being able to install the system.

This is the only guy that lied or misled you in any way. The rest might
not have been organized, but this is a lie. If you sign the sheet the
installer presents you, he gets paid because DirecTV believes he has done
the install (since that what you say when you sign the sheet).

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